Perfect romantic

A wedding ceremony in a restaurant with unique atmosphere and fine cuisine just a few kilometers behind Prague will delight not only romantic but also gourmets. The Clay Bastion has been a renowned gastronomic style for many years, the excellent kitchen performance complements the delightful terrace overlooking the pond, the richly equipped playground and spacious parking. We have wedding rooms and outdoor areas where you can have barbecues or dance accompanied by live music.

An offer of marriage in the bastion

Slowly thinking about marriage, but haven`t officially asked the lady of your heart for a year? Nothing is lost. We will prepare for you and for your sweet, somewhat unconventional request for a hand with a story. Several scenarios have been prepared. If you are interested, we will send them to you and if you choose one of them, we will prepare everything for you in our lounge in the tower.

Pre-wedding consultation

Wedding is not an event in which we would like to experiment and improvise in any way. Exactly opposite. That's why it's good to prepare and plan everything in advance. We will be glad to welcome you to a pre-wedding consultation, during which we will show you all our spaces and together we will discuss all the details so that your wedding day will take place without the slightest complications.

How to select wedding menu

Which wedding menu would be most suitable for you? Do you prefer proven classics or will you want to prepare a modern menu influenced by Mediterranean or Asian cuisine? It's up to you, because our Chef will prepare your wedding menu exactly. And if you want, it can also be part of a popular barbecue. Take a look at the wedding menu we have prepared recently.

Wedding cakes from our sweet-shop

We know that the culinary top of every wedding is a cake. That's why we make special care about the preparation of wedding cakes. If you prefer a tradition, our confectioner Barunka will prepare you a first class Czech classic. If you like surprises, she will make for you one of her creative jewels - for instance, with Oriental mango or passion fruit flavors. Inspiration in our photo gallery of wedding cakes.

Wedding ceremonies in the chateau and the garden

Pruhonice offer a variety of options where and how to organize a wedding ceremony. Very popular are romantic weddings in the chateau or in the chateau courtyard; in the case of church ceremonies, you can use the Pruhonice church. A welcome ceremony is also a chamber ceremony in our garden, which has a tremendous surprise that you do not have to move anywhere after the ceremony. In the case of a civil marriage, contact the local registry office in Pruhonice. For church ceremonies you can turn to Tomas Rehak or Dobroslav Makovička. We will gladly deliver your contacts.

Where the stay for the night

At the end of the night or morning celebration, you do not have to leave Pruhonice anywhere. The town has several reliable hotels or guest houses where you can sleep in the town within walking distance of Clay Bastion. Check out our tips.