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      Crock Bastion Restaurant    
      Salmon tartare steak; toasts   175,-
      Avocado filled with prawns in hot sauce; toasts   165,-
      Beef carpaccio with parmesan and seasoned rucola 195,-
      Figs stuffed with goat cheese   175,-
      Grilled goat cheese with marinated pear, walnuts and honey toasts  175,-
      Grilled white goose liver Foie Gras served on a pan   365,-
      Sautéed shrimp with ginger and mango and coconut milk 355,-
      Onion soup with cheese toasts   75,-
      Soup of fresh sea fish and sea fruit   135,-
      Caesar salad   225,-
      Variation of green salad with apples,strawberries, nuts and roast    
      goat cheese, garlic-herb baguettes   225,-
      Tender salad with grilled chicken breast, fresh vegetable and   
      herb dressing   225,-
      Small rucola salad with cherry tomatoes   85,-
      Greece salad with sheep Feta cheese   135,-
      Mixed salad (fresh vegetable)   65,-
      Aubergine slices with tomatoes and pepper on olive oil, baked    
      with parmesan   195,-
      Wild mushroom risotto with parmesan   245,-
      Steak tartare made beef tenderloin, toast     335,-
      Pffefersteak   485,-
      Steak with wild mushroom sauce   485,-
      Argentine RIBEYE STEAK on chanterelles   495,-
      Beef Mongolian baked with onion, garlic and fresh gigner  
      served on a hot pan (thin tenderloin slices)   345,-
      Boned chicken drumsticks marinated in herbs baked on griddle,  
      baked potato with savoury homemade tartare sauce 225,-
      Grilled chicken fillet with spinach   225,-
      Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce and roasted potatoes 295,-
      Lamb chops with rosemary potato and spinach puree 445,-
  SEA FISH    
      Grilled salmon on chanterells, polenta   355,-
      Salmon marinated in chilli with hot orange sauce and sesame  
      seeds, boiled potatoes   355,-
      Grilled monkfish roasted vegetable and Arborio rice 555,-
      Grilled fillet of Dorado with potatoes and ratatouille 455,-
      Grilled tuna steak with wasabi sauce  , roasted zucchini and           
      Arborio rice    595,-
      Variation of sea fish with assorted side dish    
        for 2 persons 1795,-
        for 3 persons 2295,-
        for 4 persons 2895,-
                            Choose by yourself in our aquariums  
      Canadian lobster with herb butter and lime mayonnaise (0,8-2,5 kg) 248,-
      Grilled trout with roasted potatoes and herb dip   285,-
                  Fish have only fresh, some may one day be sold.  
      All meat is very well marinated before grilling    
      Outdoor grilled piggy in top secret marinade,     (15-50 kg) kg/495,-
      Goatling grilled in an outdoor fireplace    (8-14kg)   kg/795,-
      Lamb grilled on outdoor fireplace    (10-20kg)   kg/795,-
      Bacon stuffed turkey grilled on fireplace     (5-15kg) kg/690,-
      Roasted stuffed turkey    (4-10kg)   kg/690,-
      Duck grilled on outdoor fireplace     (2-2,6kg)   pc/690,-
      Old Czech style roasted goose, bread and potato dumplings,  pcs/1695,-
      red and white cabbage            (3-6kg)    
      Ratatouille  (fresh vegetable roasted in olive oil and fresh herbs) 95,-
      Savoury green beans with bacon, chilli and garlic   75,-
      Hand-mashed potatoes with bacon and green onions 65,-
      Boiled potatoes   55,-
      Tander mashed potatoes with cream and butter   65,-
      Potato pancakes   75,-
      Arborio rice   65,-
      Roasted Polenta   75,-
      French fries   65,-
  D E S S E R T S    
      Cheesecake with rapsberry sauce   125,-
      Ice cup ,,Hliněná bašta,, (vanilla ice and strawberry ice,forest fruit,vanilla
      sauce and homemade whiped cream       95,-
      Fresh strawberries with whipped cream or in sour cream  165,-
      Slices of fresh pineapple filled with strawberry mascarpone cream   
      and strawberries   95,-
      Fried ice cream in nut crust   120,-
      Ice cream of your choice   38,-
      Our homemade  roasted almonds   95,-
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