Průhonice chateau

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Originally a small Gothic castle sating back to the 1270’s, the estate that we see today is the result of numerous reconstructions and remodelling as the property has changed hands over the centuries.

In the 16th century a Renaissance-style construction saw the gothic walls give way to four wings and a central courtyard but the whole property was then destroyed in the thirty years was.

The estate was rebuilt by the Roman Emporer Counsel  Antonia Binago who was the owner from 1669 -1685 and in the latter part of the century the property was owned by Jesuits. The Desfours family were the main owners in the 17th century and they established the ornamental gardens and orangery, but towards the end of the century the castle was used mainly for farming purposes.

The castle was reconstructed in the Classical Style and once again used as a place of residence when it was bought by  Count Jan Nepomuk Nostic-Rieneck in 1800 and remained in the family after his death. His daughter married Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca in 1885. His daughter married Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca in 1883 and it was he who oversaw the reconstruction of the building between 1889-1893 which is how we see it today.

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